By CanCarrier

Catastrophic overload.

So last night was the biggest, best, loudest, longest, most intense thunder storm I have ever been in. Rivalled perhaps only by club trip to Ben Ledi.

This morning I walked to work in clear bright weather, to find this at the bottom of the hill. The shear pressure of the sudden influx of water had busted the manhole cover right out of its seat. 

I then got into work to find the building looking like a post apocalyptic survivor. Emily was almost in tears as she told me she could only let ten percent of the staff in and the Team 2 office was flooded. 

I went through to see buckets on desks and drips falling from the cracks in the ceiling panels. Not good in a very technologically reliant office. 

I chose a new desk on the other side of the building (next to a window, which I forgot to close before I went home). 

I have no idea if the building will be open tomorrow or not. 

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