Panda's Pics

By pandammonium


In case you don’t realise just how flat the fens are, here’s a panorama from one side of the road to the other. The extras show each side of the road separately, so the road and pylon wires don’t look so distorted.

I could finally drive Henry today. Since my last palaver, Henry refused to do anything. I texted the garage, but they were unusually unhelpful, resorting to their usual banter, which didn’t get me back on the road.

I thought I’d get the AA to do something, seeing as I pay them a fortune. Long story short, they sent a friendly chap who seemed impressed Henry still went after all these years. He fixed the problem: a dead battery. It must have been fitted over fifteen years ago, so it’s lasted a while, especially considering the new one’s warranty is only five years.

With Henry starting easily once I again, I took to the tractor-filled road. I drove up Ten Mile Bank as far as Ten Mile Bank, where I turned left towards and past Welney, and back to Littleport. It felt good to have my car back.

On the way home, I popped into big Co-op for some groceries (people wearing masks in shops is not yet my new normal).

My mam was pleased to hear I’d gone out.

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