All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

Back to queueing at the supermarket again

I had a chiropractic appointment in Richmond this morning. When the appointment was made, two weeks ago, I remarked that the 12th August is known in some circles in Britain as "the Glorious Twelfth" because that's when the grouse shooting season opens (not very glorious for the grouse). We had no idea then, of course, that 12th August 2020 would be the day that NZ would be heading back into increased CoVid Alert levels. 
Apparently my shoulder/neck/top rib was suggesting that I'd been very stressed – hah! He sorted that, and was impressed to hear that not only have I been doing my knee exercises, but that I was going to buy another set of 1kg ankle weights so that I can increase the resistance on both legs to 2kg, as it seems to be getting too easy now.  The activator adjustment on my right knee still hurt, though.
Next stop was at KMart, for the ankle weights. I got the last ones – have people been panic-buying those?! Reports from Auckland, where the lockdown was due to start at midday, were that the supermarkets were mobbed again with people doing manic shopping; loo paper, hand sanitiser, flour and paracetamol were being rationed.  As the government has now revised its thinking on masks and asked everyone in Auckland to wear them in public, and the rest of the country to do so 'if possible' at Level 2, I decided I ought to buy a few disposable ones till I can make my own cloth ones. We were led to believe, last week, that every pharmacy and supermarket in the country would be well-stocked with them.
The first pharmacy that I tried said they were taking orders. The woman pulled out a large ledger. I said "Oh, it's OK, I'll try in Nelson, thank you." She replied "Good luck with that!" and then told me, when I said I was going to make my own, that cloth ones "don't work". I felt unaccountably cross with her and left, quickly. This photo was taken in the mall – the supermarkets I frequent are stand-alone buildings, where we have to queue up outside in the car park – no glamorous red velvet ropes!
Immy had messaged us to ask whether the vegetable supply had seemed normal in Auckland and Nelson in recent weeks. Apparently spinach and salad have been in very short supply in Dunedin, and "last week a small fight broke out over a bag of Mesclun". She was complaining that all the vegetables were too orange and brown; not enough green around! I thought I'd pop into this greengrocer's to check – but found to my horror that it was gone, the shop For Lease! Another CoVid casualty….
I'd had enough of Richmond, and drove to Sunny Days. Gran was looking bleary in her magenta Coronation Robes, so I suggested she get dressed so we could go to the café, as it was now nearly one o'clock and I was very hungry – and it was simply lovely outside; I felt she needed to get into the sunlight. Resthomes are already in Level 4 lockdown again, meaning she can't go Upstairs and visit Bob for the forseeable. She was very cross about the latest restrictions, blaming "all those irresponsible young people in Florida."
We bumped into Betty again in the café, and she came and joined us to eat her lunch (I had egg sandwiches and Gran had a large Americano, most of which she didn't drink). A good conversation ensued about Kamala Harris, and the Benin bronzes, among other things, and we tried to make sure Gran felt included. After Betty had left, Gran made a comment to the effect that she had no memory of our having shared lunch with Betty about a month ago (July 15th), which I suppose isn't surprising.  Then I took Naani for a walk along the Railway Reserve; all the pink magnolias are out and it looks wonderful!  I arrived home at around 3pm and still had enough daylight/sunshine left to do a load of washing and hang it out – this is progress.
At ten to seven, my neighbour D. phoned and asked whether he could pop round. He arrived bearing gifts of chocolate and a book token – very generous – and a card from his wife, thanking me for all my/our help with shopping during lockdown. This seemed rather unnecessary, but very kind. His wife had phoned me from the supermarket this morning to ask whether I needed anything, as she was doing some panic shopping. Watch this space. 
D. also wanted to ask me about the back neighbour whom we call "Mr MacGregor" (because of all his immaculate lettuce beds). D. wanted to be reminded about the ring-barking incident involving a Norfolk Pine on the border of our property and that of the old lady who lived above us, and next door to Mr MacGregor, who has apparently now started bullying D. about a Red Gum tree in his garden….. really, over the past couple of months I've been driven increasingly mad by what's going on in all of the five neighbouring properties to ours… but that's a story for another day.
The News reports that two of the four people in the Auckland family who tested positive for CoVid had been going to work, while sympotomatic, in two separate places. Another two had spent the weekend at a spa resort in Rotorua, where they had visited tourist attractions and eaten in cafés and restaurants…. So that's a great deal of contact tracing and testing to be done. Methinks we haven't heard the last of this cluster.

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