I misspelled rope. 

I think an induction cooktop would be safer for when I forget and leave it on. Of course we'd need all new cookware. Right now Karen catches it every time so this is something we can wait until the end of the pandemic to do. 

We've ordered our mail-in ballots. The Postal Service is being slowed down so the plan is to vote the instant we receive them and mail them in. 

My alma mater had rituals involving lanterns. There were four colors, dark blue, green, light blue, and red, each to go with a different class and a different element, plus purple for older students coming to college. We have Parade Night and Lantern Night. Everyone gets a lantern and almost everyone keeps them all their lives. I lit this one by putting my cell phone underneath. 

We finished a proposal today, with plenty of time, and my employee and I felt vaguely uncomfortable, like we must have forgotten something to be done so early. 

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