By FotoAlex

Church of St. Patrick

This church was built in 1851 and designed by Irish architect John Tehan. This was the site of a log chapel that was dedicated in 1791. The first parishioners were English Catholics from southern Maryland. A brick church replaced the chapel in 1839.

I called a bike shop to ask about what they had and was told they only had two road bikes. Jill's bike needs repairing, and they said their repair backlog is weeks long. So we got nothing. Oh well.

Apparently bikes are sold out across the country. The worker at the shop said he'd had callers from as far as Tennessee and Georgia asking about bikes. Months of being cooped up during nice weather made people go stir-crazy. Same for me. I haven't had a bike since high school and was looking forward to taking the trails here. I guess I'm continuing to wait. That's fine. It means I won't spend hundreds of dollars anyway. Furloughs are still happening at work, and I just spent $380 on car maintenance. Not spending money is good.

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