On the nasturtiums

Found a Large White Butterfly caterpillar on a nasturtium leaf this morning, then noticed a pile of eggs on the same leaf. But it wasn't till I loaded my photos on to my laptop that I noticed the camouflaged critter among the eggs. (Eating them?) No idea what it is, unless it's some developmental stage of a ladybird, perhaps?  (Though it's the wrong colour for that.)

When I returned, the caterpillar had gone, but there are more on other leaves, which came as no surprise. There are enough nasturtiums to live and let live. And I do like to see the butterflies.

Please do tell me if you can identify the white critter. And if, indeed, these are Large White's eggs. They were on top of the leaf, not hidden underneath. And they might be too spherical for the Large White's. So many unknowns ...!

The Extra shows the first caterpillar that I saw. Its droppings (I assume that's what they are) are bigger than the eggs.

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