David J. Rose

By djrose007

What a Palaver!

unnecessarily elaborate or complex procedure.
"there's a lot of palaver involved"
talk unproductively and at length.
"it's too hot for palavering"

F.M.i.L. had another fall, did I tell you about the one that resulted in 22 stitches in her head a few weeks ago?
This one today was when she was out with another daughter, the one with the grave that isn't occupied yet. They came out of Lidl to come home and it was raining quite heavily.
Betty was messing about with an umbrella while Sonia was trying to get her into the car. She turned her foot on a very small paving lip and fell. She hurt her side (ribs?), elbow and hand. Not particularly serious for you and I but at 91, and very thin skin, the wounds require those special, gentle adhesive, dressings.
Marlane spoke to the surgery nurse who said she would do a prescription and to pick it up from the Pharmacy at 16:00
Now the Palaver begins
16:00 - At the pharmacy standing in a long queue, 2 metres apart of course, for 25 minutes.
16:25 - Told that they do not have these dressings in stock and I can pick them up after 14:00 tomorrow.
16:30 - spoke to the surgery reception via the speakerphone on the door (Covid-19 rules apply everywhere!) and explained the situation. Asked me to wear a mask (See Extra) and come in and take a seat.
16:50 - Reception had spoken to the nurse and she came out with a new prescription. Went back to the Pharmacy queue for another 20 minutes!
17:10 - handed in the prescription to the pharmacist and sat down to wait for it to be filled. After a couple of minutes she came back and told me that they didn't have it stock and it would be in after 14:00 tomorrow - Sound familiar!
I explained what had happened and the pharmacist disappeared out the back.
17:20 - She came back out and said she'd found something similar that I can have to cover until I pick up the original prescription tomorrow.
17:30 - 1.5 Hours after setting off I got home and Marlane dressed her mothers wounds.

What a Palaver!

P.S. Glevum was the Roman name for Gloucester meaning a fort or walled city, in fact Gloucester did not exist until the Romans created the town in AD97.
Henry III was crowned in Gloucester Cathedral in 1216. King Edward II is buried in the Cathedral.
The Cathedral, Cloisters and Kings School all feature greatly in the Harry Potter films.
The link below gives 15 interesting facts about Gloucester but I think it should have included the story of Lady Aethelflaed of Mercia, daughter of Alfred the Great, who ruled over Mercia from 911AD. She founded St Oswalds Priory around 900AD. She was also a warrior leading a raid which resulted in the withdrawal of the Viking horde from Chester.


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