All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

Take that, you silly pharmacy woman!

I watched the PM's one o'clock press briefing (back to that, again!) and then went to the supermarket. There was no queue outside at all, and guess what greeted me at the entrance? A bin full of disposable masks, $12.99 for a pack of ten – so take that, silly woman in the Richmond pharmacy who said she was taking orders, and wished me luck finding any in Nelson!
Everything seemed pretty normal in the supermarket, apart from low stocks of:
------ -----

(Please fill in the blanks, answers at the end)
To my horror I'd discovered, on checking, that I was down to my last spare loo roll, which meant I'd have to buy some. Just one pack, but would that look like panic buying?! Anyway, I was in and out of there pretty quickly, and from there proceeded to the shop of all things homewares, arts and crafts. It was mobbed! 

And, once again, the government CoVid Contact Tracing app on my phone wouldn't work. Nine times out of ten it doesn't work, and now it's locked me out and won't accept either my password or email address when I try to log back in. They've been complaining about lack of public uptake of this app (though apparently 300,000 more people have downloaded it since Wednesday) but really, it NEEDS TO WORK BETTER! So I had to sign-in to the store the old-fashioned way, with a pen.
I was in search of fabric bundles, known here as fat quarters (I think they're called fat flats in other places) – basically several quarter-metre lengths of different fabrics bundled together, for quiltmakers. I've decided to make some fabric masks, just in case their use in public becomes mandatory throughout the country (so far, they only have to be worn when out and about in Auckland). The disposable ones don't really thrill me, because of the environmental impact they are having.  Having found what I was after, I was out of there like a Ninja, before school home-time hit the roads. 
The news was full of it again, of course. Officially, there will be an announcement tomorrow evening at 5.30pm, telling us whether Auckland will remain at Level 3 for longer than the initial three days – it's due to end at midnight on Friday. However, I think it's likely they'll be in for a longer haul, and Level 3 may even be extended to other parts of the North Island. 
I don't want to sound Eeyoreish about it, but today they've identified 13 new positive cases linked to the original cluster of four people in one family. Most are further family members and co-workers of the affected people, but there's a Grammar School student infected. And two of the original four spent last weekend having a wee holiday in Rotorua and Taupo, where they did all the usual holiday-ish things including staying at a hotel, eating out, visiting attractions and even taking a boat trip, while symptomatic, so….. "do the math", as they say. I think it's important to mention here that we were under the impression that there was no community transmission of CoVid in the country, so to be fair to the people concerned (a mother and her child), they probably thought it was "just a cold."
Did you guess right? The two items were toilet paper and flour!

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