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Mac Caw - Which I presume makes him Scottish!!!

Today I was up sharp waiting for Eilidh. We headed off just after 9am to the Five Sisters Zoo by West Calder. We'd had to book an arrival time so went early 9.30-10. We could stay as long as we liked. It was a dull and slightly damp start to the day but nothing daunted we explored every inch. I haven't been for several years and they've made lots of improvements. It's a small scale zoo compared to Edinburgh, but does a lot of good work with rescue animals. They have four ex circus lions which they brought over from Germany. They had been declawed and castrated to make them safe when performing. There are four brown bears which had been badly treated, two of them were kept together in a small cage outside a restaurant in Albania and fed on scraps.
There's a family of endangered Scottish wildcats, starring the zoo's home bred four month old kitten, Harris. Harris is in the extra along with a rescued pet shop racoon. Lots more, from tortoises to wallabies to Lynx and a snow leopard. There's a badger who was rescued from a building site in Amsterdam and hand reared as . his sett was damaged and his mother had been killed. There's a host of different types of monkeys and even a family of tiny harvest mice. There's a wide range of creatures, most with a story behind them. It's a low key sort of place but well worth a visit.
I loved the colours of this macaw who was tucking into his lunch. He's got a wonderful knowing look in his eye.
When we came home I made a rather tasty courgette chocolate cake, or at least I believe its tasty, Eilidh took half home where they enjoyed it but I didn't have time to try it tonight!
We had evening prayer by Zoom at five, a quick dinner then it was time for Zoom bridge. I played tonight as Colin was tuning into a concert on the radio.
Time for bed now, another week gone, where does the time go.

Keep safe everybody, it's worrying that the numbers are creeping up again but hopefully that's because people who are asymptomatic are being picked up by track and trace contact tracing.
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