Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Loch Lubnaig

Up betimes this morning and off to the dentist for the 08:00 appointment. This time I was having proper work done on the molar I chipped a couple of months ago. This meant the dentist and nurse in full gear, encased in barrier equipment and, as well as masks and visors, respirators. It was all relatively painless for me (no injection which pleased me) but I was there the full hour. And I imagine so uncomfortable for the clinical staff.

Once I was home we set off for Loch Lubnaig which lies just north of Callander. I'd had a bee in my bonnet for a few weeks about having a swim there. We used to take the children there to swim when they were at home and we know the good and safe places. At this time of year the water is at its mildest. Couldn't say warm really. In fact it felt OK as I went in but it was quickly clear that even if the water wasn't cold I was. So I got out very smartly. Not to be dramatic about it but people drown in Scottish lochs every year and sadly I know that at least one person lost his life in Loch Lubnaig this summer. There is no excuse for messing about in water. I hardly deserved the chittery bite I'd packed but I had it anyway. I'd packed lunch and we enjoyed that sitting looking at the loch. There were quite a few people canoeing, paddle boarding and swimming but it wasn't for me today and the bee has been released from the bonnet. Flora on the other hand had a great swim (extra).

I'm going to enjoy some undemanding pottering for the rest of the day. There's plenty to do and I'm lucky that I can choose which tasks to tackle, or not.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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