By spannarama


Some good news this morning - my niece got three Bs in her A-levels and has secured her place at university :D  So happy for her, as she'd been so stressed about it, bless her.

Busy day at work trying to get stuff cleared before a couple of days off.  Had to drop one thing off my to-do list, but got everything else done, plus dealt with a flurry of emails this morning.  

Slightly cooler today, though still hot, and very muggy.  I went for a walk around the local area tonight (i.e. not to the heath, for a change) - not very inspiring light for photos, but nice to be out in the fresh(ish) air.  I spotted this squirrel sitting up, took a photo and then noticed the other one by the wall.  So did the first one apparently, as it promptly chased the other one off.

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