By Lsquare

Can We Be Your Flower Friday Photo?

I have often said that when I go on my walks, I prefer to get out into the areas beside the sidewalks, because there are things that can't be seen from the sidewalk .  You can walk right by and not even see them.  Today's blip is the perfect example.  I could not see these flowers from the sidewalk, because they are so scattered and surrounded by grass that grows faster than they do.  But once I saw them, I took some shots and even with the slight breeze, managed to get a decent shot that makes me smile ever time I see it..Do I need to mention the pareidolia or are you used to that from me by now? In the extras, I did see the Heron today, so I have put him in there, thus satisfying the Heron Rule.  Thanks to Biker Bear for hosting....

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