Penguin Droppings

By gen2

A Flurry of Flor(r)y Boats?

There is an old Scots word 'FLOR(R)Y' that was used by folks around the Forth estuary in the 19th centuary.

FLORY, n.2 Also florry. In combinations.: 1. flor(r)y boat, a boat carrying passengers to and from steamers which cannot get alongside a pier at low water (Sc. 1863 A. Young Nautical Dict.); 2. floryman, a man who works a flory boat.

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I can report that it is still in use today by the old boatmen at Dysart Harbour, though instead of being used for taking people out to steamers, the flory boats are used to transfer from the harbourside to fishing boats and yachts anchored within the harbour but not alongside.

I don't know what collective noun is applied to florries so I have tentatively suggested a 'flurry'.

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