By Honeythedog

Sunday morning walk

Darren sadly is still troubled by his back this morning. He is hoping it will be like yesterday and that it will improve as the day goes along.
As we are at caravan we are doing the dog walk, it’s just a farmers track that runs along side the edge of the site. It’s more often than not very quiet, as it is this morning. It’s not the longest of walks, about a mile an half in total, but it’s still very nice to be out in the fields and countryside.
Darren wanted me to point out that this photo and some of the others were done using the portrait mode on the iPhone 11, this mode enables you to choose the aperture to get background blur, just like a proper camera, an aperture of 1.4 was used here. It makes no difference to me, but Darren likes to think he’s taking nicer photos :-)

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