One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Simmering Sexual Tension (Inchydoney style)

Mary had tried everything to get young Luke's attention. Last Tuesday she even pretended to drown, but in 5 inches of water had failed to make it convincing.
Today, she decided to go all in. She was going for the odalisque pose. 
She just couldn't help it, that bright yellow lifeguard's rain gear made her unable not to release her inner cougar. 

One photograph does not do beautiful Clonakilty justice. Why not join for a quick walkabout HERE

Had a lovely walk and mini blipmeet with Cheeryoscuro and Has Its Cloud on Inchydoney beach (extra). Not even the weather could dampen our collective enthusiasm. It was really nice to meet you again, on your home turf! (I just dread to think what unedited information Mrs Raheny might have shared while I was frolicking in the water with the kids...) 

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