By Ridgeback13

Hamnet (again!)

Up late and we started the day with piles of pastries from Lidl (although impossible to persuade M it’s worth shopping there), the wetter game (as crosswords will always be called after AR’s enthusiasm for helping with them every morning at the cabin last month), and chat.
Once we were all dressed we headed out with me taking E to shop for clothes.Town was much busier than I’ve seen it since March and since all fitting rooms are closed at the moment we bought loads then came home to try them on and decide what to keep. Went for an early supper at La Favorita which appropriately is one of their favourite places, then home in time for me to watch some of the first day at the Book Festival (online and free for those elsewhere in the world!). Pleased to watch Maggie O’Farrell again talking about her novel Hamnet...interesting like last time I saw her although her outfit was rather odd (last time it was her wallpaper that distracted me!).
Afterwards an evening of knitting and chatting and introduced them to the world of Glow Up....rather too late to bed!

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