Scented Sap

I've photographed this cone and it's sap over several weeks but it's never made it to Blip. This week, as it was so warm and humid, I could actually smell the wonderful fragrant sap for the first time. I felt it needed to be in Blip. If you are interested the 'Blue Atlas Cedar' tree, to which the cone belongs, comes from the Atlas Mountains and can be found at Westonbirt Arboretum, near Tetbury. 

A morning walk of 5 miles in very misty, humid weather was good and, as usual, motivated me out of bed before 9am on a Sunday. 

Filled bottles with a couple of litres of fresh milk from the farm on the way home and picked up some very fresh carrots. Once home I made a huge Ratatouille using the carrots, my own tomatoes, my own beans plus a huge marrow my neighbour gifted me. I suspect I've got quite a few portions to freeze.

Battled with some well established Ivy on the rather large Willow trunk in the garden. It took a while to shift but I think the tree will be very happy now. The noise the larger pieces of Ivy made as I cut into it was amazing, like a huge strap of leather cracking under pressure, it became a bit addictive cutting them off.

Boxed up some fiction books which are off to charity very soon. Next job is photographing some clothes to stick on eBay so as to ease my overcrowded wardrobe!

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