My Fathers Medals

I think I blipped these when I got the replacement medals and the GSM but it's the only photo I've taken today. I was wearing these in yesterdays blip.

1939-45 Star
Italy Star
Defence Medal
War Medal
GSM (General Service Medal award for campaigns) Palestine 1945-48 clasp.
Blackwatch 6th battalion 1941-45. Fought at Monte Cassino and wounded in Rimini. Also fought in Crete and Northern Europe.
Transferred to the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and despatched to Palestine serving in and around Jerusalem.
He always said that if he hadn't been sent to Palestine he would have probably signed on but he detested the guerrilla type war waged by the Jews against the British, which he couldn't understand when he was there to help them settle in their new homeland. Just didn't make any sense to be patrolling along roads, turn a corner and find British troops hanging in the olive groves or lying shot alongside the road. By comparison he found all the Arabs very hospitable and friendly.

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