By davidc

MonoMonday: Key (or Quay)

As I was musing with my Editor on what to do for today's blip, she reminded me that she knows full well what's the key to my heart: Cadbury's Dairy Milk*. (She even arranged that Santa would put an enormous bar of it into my stocking last Christmas...in a pack marked with my name on it! - The Editor Strikes Again)

So it came in useful today when I wanted to illustrate how my heart can be opened! (It tested my Photoshop skills to the limit so it didn't come out quite as well as I hoped...fortunately I'm hoping to go on another [on-line] course, organised via our camera club, in the autumn.)

(If you're wondering why I still have the chocolate bar: I like to eke out my Christmas chocolate through the year: I had several other sweets as well, but this is the last one, which I'll be starting shortly.)

Many thanks to Chantler63 for hosting MM this month.

(*Other makes of chocolate are available.)

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