3000 blips!

A grey day, thunderstorm and rain, then some sunshine and back to grey!

Not feeling 100% today so have had a quiet day.  My friend did my shopping and then stayed for a coffee.  A and D popped in to see me and the cat has been keeping me company.  Started a new jigsaw too.

I was pleased the theme for this special blip was keys as I have a lot of  little keys in a box that mum had in the flat, don't know why I kept them really but they came in handy today!

Thank you all for choosing to look at my journal and for all the support you have given over the years.  Lovely to have met some of you at blip meets/holidays and forever thankful to Riversider for introducing me to this site.  Thanks also for the hard work done by the Blipfoto Team to keep this site running.

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