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By djrose007

Just Browsing, Honest.

Took my 007 MX-5 (Extra) into the new Mazda dealer in Gloucester this morning, the main dealer up to now has been in Cheltenham. Just a problem with the electric roof not working. 
I did take it into my usual local garage and they changed the motor that drives the passenger window (if the window won't go down an inch or two the roof won't operate, it's so the window glass does not catch on the roof rubber when it is closing). It worked for a month and then packed in again.
I rang, and I rang, and in the end went down to see them because the mechanic had said that if it went again it would be the switch unit in the centre console.
I saw the young lady that has taken over the administration and service booking for the past year or so and she said she'd get back to me in the next few days with some dates.
Well, that was 3 weeks ago and although the mechanics at the garage are terrific I'm just fed up with trying to get through to book anything, hence my trip to the dealer.
Yes, it is the switch unit and it's going to be expensive but at least I know it's been done by the dealer and I have some recourse if it goes again.
While Jonty and I were waiting we went for a walk and then sat in the waiting area of the showroom. Took some photographs of the Mk4 MX-5 and while I like it I'm very happy with my 13 year old Mk3 PRHT (Power Retractable Hard Top).
I didn't even ask the price so that shows I was just browsing.
I was impressed with the staff though, very nice, friendly but professional, and one of the salesmen went out the back and came out with a tin doggy bowl of water for Jonty. Now that really impressed me!

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