Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward


which brought to mind codes and cyphers and those kinds of keys to solve them.

      I'm miles from any quay.

6M  6N  MW1  X3M1  RX  MWRN1  2WR  MR6T  3M  MW1  TR21Ø 1SQTRHS17MN  RX  T6X1,  MR  Z1  Ø3MW1Ø  5Ø6K17  ZH  MW1  X13Ø RX  1K6T,  MW37  3MMØ3YM15  ZH  MW1  QØRNQ1YM  RX  8RR5; . . . . 375  56T6817M  26MWRLM  Ø123Ø5[678].  - N3SL1T VRW7NR7.

       Was it Newsweek or Time that used to publish a saying in simple code as a puzzle to amuse? This one I've devised is a touch more complicated but not unsolvable. I'll give you a clue :  the preface to Sam Johnson's dictionary (1755). I think you might find this Ø123Ø5678 if your mind is of such a bent.

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