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Moving the [gate posts] Election

New Zealand's 2020 General Election is to be pushed back by a month, from 19th September to 17th October. That was the big announcement for today. This has only happened twice before in NZ's history, during the World Wars. Of course, not everyone is happy about it but, if it hadn't been pushed back, others would have been complaining (and perhaps even the same people who are now complaining about the date change!) 
As far as I'm concerned, it means we have to put up with another month of listening to Judith "Crusher" Collins, the new Leader of the Opposition, slamming the Government for everything they've done during the CoVid pandemic. If she had her way, we'd be Open for Business and everyone would be ill, as far as I can make out (well, she does say she would have 'Zero Tolerance' for CoVid). She and her henchpeople, tromping around the Beehive as though to O Fortuna from Carmina Burana, while Jacinda and Dr Ashley Bloomfield more resemble skittish thoroughbreds in the birdcage as whippersnapper journalists hurl accusations at them during the daily Press Briefings.
Apparently an Irish newspaper had a go at NZ last week for moving to Level 3 lockdown in Auckland "over just four cases". Six days later, it's up to 58 cases linked to that original four, with five people in hospital. I'm fascinated by the science behind the contact tracing that's going on to try and isolate where this new outbreak originated. They're sequencing the genome of this strain, and know that it's different from the strain that was circulating here back in March. Everyone who works in the Ports of Auckland and Tauranga now has to be tested, because the first person to fall ill in this cluster works at a cold storage facility in Auckland, handling frozen food imports. 
But enough of that. Today I took Naani to Rabbit Island, because there are fewer small dogs to be found there (though we did encounter a couple). I tried talking to Natalie about the snapping problem but she wasn't really a lot of help, as she just told me that she's aware of it, and doesn't allow it to start. She says it's a 'bully chasing thing' that has got worse over time; she keeps the dog on the lead if she can't see ahead, and severely reprimands her if she tries it.  

That doesn't really help me – Naani is so strong and pulls like a train, so keeping her on the lead is a bit like water-skiing, but less fun. I'm getting fed up with this whole scenario. The plus point for today was that I managed to keep her out of the water and mud by frequently pouring water into her mouth from my drink bottle. 
When we returned to Sunny Days, I couldn't hear the TV through M-i-L's door and instantly knew what this signified. As I suspected, she was sitting in front of the screen looking furious, remote in hand. She'd got in a muddle and was trying to get back to CNN. Do I sound like a stuck record? I feel like one. Come to think of it, that's an expression that may die out with my generation; 'a stuck record' will hold little significance for Millennials and Gen Z, despite the resurgence in popularity of vinyl. I suppose it's 'buffering' for them. 'Constant buffering' is a good way to describe the activity in M-i-L's brain, I fear. Can you imagine not being able to remember how to change channels on your TV?  Lately, I've been wondering whether I ought to go there and cook meals for her.

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