By IanWright

Arenig Fawr

Having been wanting to get up something a little higher on our walks we debated what mountain might be nice and peaceful so gambled on Arenig Fawr the (depending on which list you look at) 20th highest peak in Wales at 854m, just outside Bala.

Our guess was pleasingly correct as we probably only saw about 20 people all day and it was a great workout all round. Because of its position in Wales the views are particularly good as you can look around you at Cadair, Snowdonia, the Rhinogs, Berwyns and Aran's all looking marvellous in the sunlight.

Quite amusingly as we headed up the mountain we spotted our lunchtime position to eat our sandwiches. However in the 3 hours or so we were gone it had got way hotter and that had fired up swarms of flying ants so we just headed back to the car.

Phew that's 10 in a row, only another 20 days to go and I'll have caught up!

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