simple moments

By simplemoments



in dark pink

i took a quick trip - out to the community garden - because i’d noticed a - pink flower from my balcony - which apparently i’d overlooked - the other day when i was - out there browsing around - with camera in hand - easy to do - i suppose as many - flowers are now blooming - and it looks really lovely

hard lessons learned - in comparison to this time - last summer when a lot - of flowers were decimated - early on due to very severe - hail storms however this year - even though we’ve had horrific - thunderstorms again the hail - has been kept at bay - thus increasing everyone’s plants - survival rate tenfold

plus individuals were willing to try their hands - at new varieties of flowers - such as this morning glory - in a shocking dark pink - looking exceptionally lovely - next to a makeshift fence post - against the sky - it’s a very striking bloom - in the gardens - and, of course, being pink - i was drawn to it - and its ability to - sing to one’s soul - thereby making it...


happy day.....

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