By D77

Lunch, stareyfolk, eggs and breasts.

At lunch today (in the scabby hut down the road), John, Ferhana and myself had some rather amusing and much needed banter. John is an exhibitionist and rather likes appearing on blip. Ferhana has yet to be convinced that I won't say anything horrible about her (she is very nice) and has not yet granted me permission to publish her.

When we arrived, all the customers, as per usual, stared. It takes a while to get used to the stareyfolk out here and I still find it, after three years, extremely irritating. I tend just to stare back with my bestest look of contempt until they look away. It's mainly Indians that do the staring, but today the Omanis were getting a bit excited too, largely due to the fact that a Muslim girl was quite obviously haraming it up in public by having lunch with a couple of Western boys (the irony here being that we are all from the UK).

Today's lunchtime conversation centred around my request for a three-egg omelette and whether or not I had reached my weekly allowance of eggs in one meal. Other points of discussion included colleague retardation, weather, and the size of women's breasts in Kuwait where John had been for the weekend.

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