... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: abIda

Spot her bendy reflection in large.
Flügel considers a slug
Koi in the rain
(For scale: Little ducks by standard bicycles)

Well. they say "Lovely weather for ducks", and it turns out that the little little ducks are daffy for rain. They've gone out of their little minds, getting into freestyle quack battles (Koi vs. Ida), and having running and washing frenzies on the terrace (the reflections had them thinking that they were swimming?). Very amusing... I got very wet photographing them in the rain.
Flügel found a huge leopard slug, but it was far too big for his little beak, so it got nibbled at gently before he waddled off and it slugged on.

Others here (or right from "Can we go in?")

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