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By HarlingDarling


What a glorious plate-full!

Keith went and picked blueberries behind Betty's, I gathered blackberries from the canes in the garden and we took nectarines from the fridge. That list alone makes my heart sing. Kefir made using the grains we got from Mike in Portugal on our very first visit, now mixed with various fruits. And the dry roasted seeds and nuts in the granola that I make.

I call it breakfast but it was actually gone midday before we ate anything. First you have to come to, then have a drink, then check blip, then wait for the slow tea-drinker - and then do yoga upstairs in the sun. This morning we had thick mist till about 11, it was incredibly damp and I felt rather optimistic hanging out the washing. The forecast said it would be dry and sunny in the afternoon, and it was! The humidity was very high again, and I find it tiring without doing anything at all.

However, I have put the first coat of matt varnish on the table I prepared a couple of weeks back. It looks patchy but I intend to do at least another coat, possibly two. So nice to see the wood looking fresh and clean. It's been in our home for at least 30 years so there are signs of it having lived, but it looks like it's had a facial!

We had overnight guests who arrived gone midnight last night, when we were in bed. We saw them briefly this morning before they set off for the far north, delivering Alexander to his new ski-school. We'll see more of them on Saturday when they will be on the way home, minus son. Next week Alexander's grandparents will be with us, our original friends from the first weeks I was in Sweden in 1979. It's a really long time since they were up here, I think 12 years, but we have been to their place of course. Near to Stockholm = easy to pop in on the way to other things. No one just pops in on the way to anything up here!!

I tried to sit in the hammock today and drink a decaff, but I was ready for action before the drink was finished. Humid days don't make for a lot of energy though, just a weary, restless feeling. I went up to my work room (S!), turned the AC and spent 2 hours in cool, dry air - sewing a little bag. The new machine was reluctant to do zig zag stitches the other day, but was now performing as expected. I suppose the think, slippy fabric was to blame. It feels good to know all is well with the pink machine.

My friend AA suggested a bit less Guardian reading might be good for my peace of mind, and the meditation I did last night suggested the same. Is it a sign??!! I took it seriously and have avoided too much depressing reporting, but I can't live with my head in the sand either. It's ok to have a day off now and then. I haven't watched a TV news for several years now, the pictures are horrendous and totally indelible.

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