My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

"Us two vs you"

(sort of) holiday 2020 day 2

Aaron wanted to see some of his old friends and play football as a pre-birthday treat. Unfortunately one couldn't make it and another forgot and went to Telford instead. So, after playing in the playground for a while, we decided to follow his lead and go to Telford. Aaron & Stan went off to play football while we did a McDonald's run.

The -indoor- town centre was horrendous! At least half the people weren't wearing masks, some had it around their chin, others dangling from an ear, others on top of their head. I assume they were wearing them properly inside the shops themselves but surely they should be worn in the shopping centre too?! The security guards at the entrances are a joke too, presumably there just to make sure you walk through the right door.

Anyway, McDonald's done Louisa and Owen went for a wander and I had a lopsided kick about with the boys. We were still playing when it started to rain and it was still raining when we decided enough was enough and headed back to the car, all of us drenched.

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