An Autumnal Nothe Fort (widwed190820)

We visited Nothe Fort in Weymouth on Wednesday - not the best of weather, but quite autumnal so ok for Wide Wednesday!

This is a panorama from the top of the fort. looking towards the town.  Image Stabilisation has done a really good job of dealing with the ~55kt breeze,  the rain was quite bracing too :-)

After the fort we went to Chesil Beach - which the grandchildren enjoyed with the wind and waves shuffling the pebbles about. 
Then back to Dorchester where all of the restaurants had long wait times so we found a Thai take-away and had a really good meal sat in the motorhome.

Back blipping this on Thursday afternoon,  we have moved on the Chichester in bright sunshine and much less of a breeze!
Edit: discovered I had set the date on my camera 12 hours out so having to move blips to the correct day!

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