LM did this!

We had the girls today and it was obvious everyone was tired!  I let Little Missy have a go on my iPad and told her I needed an abstract landscape for my Blip.  I showed her yesterday’s blip and left her to it.  I was talking to the gardener who has done such a good job!   When I came back she showed me what she had been doing, and seemed pleased when I asked if I could Blip her work!   

I have a friend who is loosing weight so I promised her a cake.   Made one last night: as flat as a pancake, made one today: it split in half horizontally when I tried to get it out of its mould!  May try again tonight.  Made pancakes for lunch on the proviso that they eat something savoury first. Bacon, saucisson, olives, cheese etc.   Then Nutella pancakes, made 4 for the girls then I managed to spill the rest of the mixture all over the cooker!   Grrrr! 

Been for our walk, and earlier, with Grandbaby, took a card round to another friend, who has a chest infection.  It’s all the more serious for her as she has very weak bones.  They are prone to breaking if she coughs.   

At least it’s a beautiful day and Ro is about to make us a salad!  It may be cake crumbs for afters!  Maybe with blueberries and yogurt! 

Thank you for hosting Inge!  Xxxx

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