Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

No landscape available


The theme for this week's Abstract Thursday is 'landscape' ...... trouble is there is no landscape in my tiny garden!

Instead I give you a fartnarkled Small White butterfly on the Buddleia ...... I've given it an impressionist filter .... hope you like it :-)

Thanks Ingeborg for hosting :-)

Hubby rang the surgery & could only get to speak to the Nurse Practitioner again ...... she is still convinced it is arthritis ....... he's got to take 8 Paracetamol & 4 Ibuprofen a day ...... then ring back on Monday!

I think they are doing their best to get him to mask the pain so they can just say "keep on taking the tablets" & don't have to do anything more! Not impressed!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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