First camera club event since lockdown. We were invited to visit neighbouring club Tampereen Valokuvausseura in their event in Lielahti estate. We had the chance to see their studio and darkroom.

They had also invited a few models, some in vintage style and some in sporty outfits. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperative, so instead of shooting in the park, we had to stay indoors and it was a little crowded there.

I shot with three models, most shots with vintage style model Anna-Maria. I decided that the stylish vintage pose deserves a vintage edit.

Up to the time I got to Lielahti, it was mostly a sunny day. I had lots of errands to run, but left early and was back by 1 pm. After that changing heifers. I had to fetch them from the other end of the 300-metre long paddock, but after that it was the easiest loading ever. The two who left practically walked into the trailer, with some guidance though, but no struggle. Had time for lunch after that and then fetched the remaining bales home.

Even though the thunder and rain were quite hard in Lielahti, no rain at home.

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