Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Individually wrapped

This was my second hosting of a face-to-face music session. I had three visitors. In pre-pandemic times the host provides coffee and biscuits and visitors also bring along a pack of biscuits. My Covid-protocol document includes a ban on loose biscuits, so I'd piled up a serving platter with a selection of individually wrapped biscuit snacks. It's shame that plain biscuits aren't generally available in mini packs, because everything on the platter involved chocolate. Still, nobody complained.

We listened to some wonderful music. The highlight was the conclusion, which was the final act of an opera by Haydn which we all agreed was a real find. The whole mood lifted as we listened to this, and the weather was nice enough for me to suggest that we move outside and sit distantly and enjoy some wine. It was the perfect end to  really enjoyable session.

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