Ruby Wedding Wander

Well we've had a lovely Ruby Wedding Anniversary.  The forecast wasn't going to stop us and we decided to go to Brimham Rocks.  It was very busy in the carpark but we took a quieter path out to the 'outer ring road' of the hill and left everyone behind.  There were lots of interesting formations to explore and excellent views as the showers came and went.  Tony found us a great flat rock and we set up the cheesy puffs and sausage rolls and the cake from Jen and Pete, and I had just a taste of shiraz.  Picnics on rocks are becoming a thing!

We arrived home to find a stunning ruby bouquet under the bench outside the kitchen from the Hobblers, and cards through the door, then we've finished off a smashing day with a Skype with Euan and his Mum and Dad, all dressed in their ruby t-shirts!

Thank you to everyone  for your good wishes and a very Happy Anniversary too to our Jen and Pete! xx

More rock blips here!

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