By earthdreamer


Following the exertions of yesterday, it was great to have an excuse to go into Leeds on a day of showery weather, able to visit the Library now without booking in advance. The main port of call, though, was Waterstones, to do some surreptitious research, paid before with the spontaneous purchase of Summerwater by Sarah Moss. There were hundreds of books I knew about, that I felt I needed to read and wanted to buy. I knew nothing about this one at all. But it spoke to me. It was asking to be read. How could I refuse?

I find that being in the midst of so many books is overwhelming so E and I retreated for lunch at the Belgrave Music Hall. It was the first time I'd eaten out since returning from Gran Canaria with the boys in March. Once the challenges of app-based ordering were overcome (not easy with a retro Nokia), the food was fabulous and it was wonderful to rediscover one of life's great pleasures. Big shout out to the BMH for their smiles and service and safety protocols.

Sitting by the window, waiting for our order to arrive, a group of three lively and stylish young women gathered outside on the street for a quick smoke. They proved irresistible. It's much easier to strike multiple stationary targets! It soon turned out that I'd approached Evie before, although I think I can be excused for not immediately recognising her from this shot taken last year. They were all game for a quick photoshoot and it was very hard to choose one to post. Thank you, Anna, for this, my favourite. I loved your colour combo! Catia, I will have to catch you another time? If you get to read this, it was a delight to meet you all and thanks so much for being such good sports. Good luck with your respective studies. 

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