By wingpig


It's been a while since I was up Norberwick Law. 28th September 2003 according to backblip records, but I think I went at least once between then and since-joining blip in 2006, as I've definitely been up at one point when there were no whale jawbones up there at all, cycling there and presumably back but in the days before reliable GPS-tracing telephones and the compulsion to photograph all travels. I've pointed at it to the wingpiglets every time we've been up Arthur's Seat or anywhere with a view of the east lothian coast, so we finally made it along and up it this morning.

It hasn't been that long since I uploaded a picture for the day on the day it was taken, but a while since it happened frequently.

It's been some considerable time since I uploaded a picture on the day it was taken when there were no gaps between it and the start; probably not since there was a bit on the Statistics page which noted whether or not you had any gaps. It has taken a wee while to get them all plugged, some with proper photos from a proper camera which I just hadn't had the time to process, but sometimes using stills from bike-camera films, absolutely rubbish shopping-list-reminder photos or anything with enough light to register in my immediate surroundings before going to sleep if I'd left it very late in the day. However, a photo is a photo, and as of today there is one for each day from spoon to piglets.

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