Blindingly Obvious

Today blip is a blind. WHen we moved it there were ugly blinds in several rooms. We took them down and carefully stored the bits. This winter my better half stitched a nicer fabric cover on them and today was the day to put them up in the kitchen. Which is where the fun began, the frames are old hardwood and the screws wouldn't go in. I don't have a drill with a long enough bit that is small enough fit so I rang a friend. They are now up.

For helping me with the blinds I went round and helped him install Skype on Linux - which is a challenge as he is running 64-bit and even the latest version of Skype was compiled for antique 32-bit computers. You can make it work but it takes a bit of effort, which we managed to do. It's all installed now, he just has to make it work.

It's rather ironic we installed a device to cover up windows, I may work in IT but I don't do Windows...!

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