If the wind changes ... (MM344)

No family zoom meeting this weekend as we and our daughter's family were away travelling.  Our son Stuart decided to send us this 'frozen in zoom' image just to remind us of his usual way of entering the meeting.

This is what a serious education does to some people :-)

I am reminded of my mother remarking " if the wind changes, you'll stick like that"

Back home now to the delights of the washing etc.  I did, however, manage to get the grass cut before the heavens opened - and tomorrow is not looking like a garden maintenance day at all!  Despite an update on the laptop while we were away, another update on the desktop when we returned and me getting the clock offset on my camera ... I appear to have imported all of our holiday photos without any dramas :-)

Back on our home connectivity too so I'll catch up with your journals over the next day or two - thanks to everyone who has visited mine when I have not been able to reciprocate.

Thanks to Chantler 63 for hosting mono Monday on the theme of mail or male.

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