By AH14

Bonus Spider

This morning was a somewhat frustrating start to the week. Friends of Mum's have been staying in the area and were planning to visit on their way home, so we made sure we were in, baked my special flapjack, sanitised the loo - you know the drill! Anyway, an hour after they were due to arrive, they phoned to say that they had had some kind of mix up with the Sat Nav and had missed the village completely and were now snarled up in traffic on the way home....... so disappointing for everyone! Ah, well - at least everywhere is clean and tidy - and we can eat all the flapjack ourselves :))

I've also spent time going through some prints to see if there are any that can be submitted for Camera Club competitions without me needed to go to the print shop. A worthwhile activity, as I came across a couple that may be suitable.

So it's another garden blip today. Still finding flies beautifully fascinating!

Many thanks for all your wonderful comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's 'Small White'!

Billowing In The Breeze in my b&w journal

Shiny Green Armour in 'My Third' journal

Hope your week has got off to a good start!

Ann :))

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