By davidc

Northumberland Heather

I went with a pal from the camera club this afternoon to hike up a hill known as Simonside (430metres high), near Rothbury in Northumberland. The aim was to photograph the vast swathes of heather, which is at its best at this time of year, in the lovely afternoon sunlight (which was forecast for today when we arranged the trip a few days ago).

Needless to say that there was heavy cloud over the hillside all afternoon, although the sun shone quite brightly for a lot of the time in the valley below! So the vast swathes of heather looked rather dull and uninteresting. Undeterred, we took some close-ups of the heather as you can see in the main blip.

The first extra shows a view of the town of Rothbury itself, framed between two otucrops of rock. The second extra is a macro of a colourful little toadstool about an inch across which we found at the base of a dead tree trunk.

So we had a really enjoyable time even though we didn't get the photos we'd hoped for. Such, of course, is the life of a blipper!

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