Another Day

By BlackTulip

Come fly with me

I spent most of the night tossing and turning, even after debunking to bedroom 2.  It was gone 5 a.m. before I dropped off and was then woken by a reversing bin lorry, at 9.25 a.m.  

JJ's pals had cried off playing golf, but it's actually not been too bad a day down here, and being in a hollow has meant the worst of it has gone over our heads.  Mind you the lawn is covered in shredded leaves, seed heads etc., once again

JJ has spent the afternoon regrouting some more of the patio, and even the noise of him chipping away the old stuff didn't stop me getting my head down for a couple of hours.

I tootled around the garden this morning looking for subjects for Tiny Tuesday and spotted this fly sheltering between two stacked garden chairs.

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