You may think this is a strange blip !!!
But on going down to the bottom of the garden this morning in the very mad wind and rain to check the canaries Ron and Ethel. I do think I have a pair now. They seem very happy in the outside now I have the heater installed and they are covered from the elements. I go round the back of the shed as I walked Isaw something on the floor at first I thought it was a piece of grey material then it moved with a shuffle and I could see it was a wood pidgin and it looks like either it had caught it’s back on something or maybe attacked by a cat. It was trying to go under the corrugated metal at the bottom of my garden so I ran indoors got a cardboard box and went back down poor thing was so wet took it indoors well you all know I have cats so the only place I could think of was the big shower with the sliding glass doors I let the curtain drop so it was a bit dark and put the box on it’s side I had some peanuts and a fat ball cat food and some water and bread and left him alone an hour later he had dried off and was eating I don’t think it can fly
Tomorrow I can have a better look at him see what’s wrong if just scraped on his back I could put Sudafed cream on it if cut birds can die from fright so I will leave him be see if he gets through TIL tomorrow poor thing I think he was a fledgling as he has not got his full markings. My daughter said I will have to keep him if he can’t fly

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