By KatesGardenPDX

Another Gorgeous Day

These late August days are heavenly - low to mid-80's in the afternoon cooling to low to mid-50's at night. Perfect sleeping and playing weather.

A quick game of golf today followed by more grading. My last Zoom meeting for my class is Thursday (woo hoo!) and then just grading, grading, grading. But some students are finished so I shouldn't be inundated at any point. 

I'm easing back into my work with the botanical garden starting with a team meeting this week to catch up on everything and with everyone. We're focusing on land acquisition so that's a pretty interesting subject!

A wander into the late afternoon garden netted a creature I hadn't seen before. iNaturalist tells me that this is a Grass-carrying Wasp from the Isodontia family of wasps. When they emerge from their cocoons in early summer, they typically line their nests with grass or hay in hollow plant cavities. I'm curious where their nests are in the garden...or maybe they live somewhere else. You can't see it in this image, but it has an extremely narrow "waist".  It's dining on a Euphorbia that has re-bloomed. 

Hope you've had a marvelous Tuesday!

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