Life with Alice

By elirin

The Mini-break Day 1

Finally! Our mini-break days were here! I put myself on top of the bags so I wouldn’t be forgotten. Excited!!

We drove on the motorway, heading south. It was a beautiful, sunny day and not as hot as it has been. Perfect! We were headed for a small town called Gränna, situated on the eastern shores of lake Vättern, between the lake and a mountain ridge. We took the scenic route and drove up to a farm where there was a hiking trail and also amazing views. 

Then we went to a very nice café on the other side of town, also with great views. It was a sort of mini version of an outdoor museum. We shared a very nice shrimp sandwich (Extra 1). 

Then we went downtown to explore. First, we went to the harbour. If you look carefully in the first picture, you might see an island. About 750 people live there all year round, and there is a yellow ferry going back and forth. The ride takes 25 minutes. Mum hadn’t planned for us to go, but she fell in love with the ferry (I know, crazy!) and we left with a booking for tomorrow! Yay!

Gränna is known for two things. First, polkagrisar. (Extra 2) It’s a type of sweet that is originally from here. Every other shop on the Main Street is a Polkagris bakery. I don’t know what all the fuss is about, mum says they’re not for me.

Second, a famous Polar explorer, S A Andrée, from this town tried to reach the North Pole in a hydrogen gas air balloon in 1897. He didn’t make it. I’m pretty sure there were polar bears involved. Anyway, there is a Polar museum here and people go on real hot air balloon outings. Mum didn’t book THAT, thankfully. 

We walked the streets, had delicious bilberry ice cream and then...and then.... and then.... we went to our HOTEL!!! How awesome is that! I’ve never been to a hotel before. We had a huge bed, and it was a dog room so half of it was mine! (Extra 3) I got my dinner, we went to explore the woods outside and then I waited in my crate while mum had Arctic char in the restaurant. There was a doggy bag AND she brought back dessert to share while we watched the most beautiful sunset. Happy!! 

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