By ferryoons


Norwestie took me for our walk on the shore today. It was an ultra low spring tide. Now when the tide is that far out, and the sea bed is as flat as it is here, high tide comes in at a heck of a rush. And as you can see, and in the extra too, the shore edge took an almighty hairbrushing.

Is it grass or something else? I think it's grass if only because I can't think what the something else would be. Let's be original and call it seagrass. It's very firm under foot and grows in, what? Er, mounds? Humpocks? Tussocks? Miss Muffet's tuffets? You can step easily from humpock to tussock to tuffet in perfect security. With or without curds and whey.

All the while Norwestie is alongside, paddling in the water, rummaging among dead things, eating seaweed and getting roared at to leave jellyfish alone. As usual.

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