Slices of cake that are purple and green
afford no appeal to me,
but this isn't to eat as that would defeat
its purpose that's abstract, you see.

My golden banana loaf, each perfect slice,
was tasty to look at and eat,
but now that I've daubed it with texture and colour
the eye, not the tongue, finds it sweet*.

*or I  hope they do!

On this dismally wet and windy day, I was pleased to find a prompt from host Ingeborg for Abstract Thursday - 'home-made'. Played with my original image (see slightly out of focus Extra) in Photoshop, adding an artistic 'paint daubs' filter and adjusting the colour. Once I'd played with it, its poor focus didn't matter a jot.

Do hope summer returns in due course; not ready for autumn and winter yet - especially as I can only assume there'll be no TV Strictly to soften its arrival this year.

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