Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Rainy Day

Day 153 of COVID-19 UK lockdown (opening up)

A rainy day, and with Mrs BB working, I took the opportunity to visit my dad in Cardiff and to take the last few on a roll of film before dropping it in with the 1hr developer I use on the way. I bought fish and chips for dinner - I don't normally eat lunchtime - but he enjoyed the company.

The blipfoto is from the film camera of George Street Bridge, Newport, which summed up the day. It was just a cheap camera I'm not sure I'd use again as it's zone focus and many seemed to be 'off' - the vagaries of film!

Camera:   Konica C35V (1971) with 38mm F2.8 lens (zone focus)
Film:         Lomography ASA 100 (Converted to B&W)

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