Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

A quick record of this bike in a semi-clean state, that hides some of the rusty bits and scratches.

Think I bought this mountain bike, as was, way back in 1993. They don't make them with frames like that anymore... thank goodness. It hasn't been used for perhaps a decade, and it was touch and go whether it was better to just scrap it, or undertake a major refurbishment to replace several worn out bits with alternatives. Alternatives that would mean replacing many more bits that weren't worn out, but they wouldn't be compatible with the new ones. It had too many now obsolete parts from a long gone manufacturer, when it was new.

After a lot of work last night, it made the journey to work okay. There were several stops and minor fiddling with the gear change settings. Weird being back on a derailleur geared bike, after four years of using a hub gear bike. All a bit more complicated and different. Perhaps the worst thing being, a push button that changes the gears up the way, that's located precisely where the bike used for those past four years, has one to press to go down a gear. Went for the cheap and cheerful approach when selecting bits for it. It wasn't worth putting expensive bits on an already heavy and ancient frame.

Pannier or two needs to be transferred across next.

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