Be Kind

I had to pop out today and it's the first time I've been out and about that required me to wear a mask for longer than a couple of minutes. So, I'm not going to sugar the pill; I hated it. I was anxious anyway because this jaunt required bus journeys and I just don't feel comfortable on a bus yet, and that anxiety was definitely heightened by having a restrictive cloth on my face. This had the effect of occasionally making me feel dizzy which rationally I knew was the anxiety but irrationally my brain tried to convince me it was because the mask was starving me of air. My breath felt weird, my glasses kept fogging up and my eyes got hot, by the time we got home my lips felt oddly moist and grim, and I was sweating despite the rain. But here's the thing; I wore the mask and I kept it on despite being wildly uncomfortable because it is the right thing to do to protect those around me who might be vulnerable. Please, if you can, wear a mask when you're out.

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